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The joys of having a controversial story online somewhere

Day 1: “$character1 would never do that, there was too much violence and this would never happen in canon and blahdeebloodyblah.” – Signed, a reviewer. 

Day 2: “12 people left kudos and 5 users bookmarked your work.” – Signed, the archive.

Day 3: Rinse and repeat.

They’re just bots anyway, right?

Either that or people simply cannot be arsed to read things.

Regardless; I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: is not for sale. 

I have arrived. Or not.

This afternoon, it was brought to my attention by seventeen readers I didn’t know I still had, that one of my stories from 2007 has been plagiarised and reposted to The Pit — that would be to the uniniated.

I don’t know whether to be angry or merely baffled. I also have to wonder: is the story really thát good or was Little Miss Copycat simply desperate?

Regardless. An abuse report has been filed. Hopefully the matter will be sorted soon.

That afternoon on Twitter…

Unfollow all the whiners!


Obviously there’s nothing wrong with a good whinge if it helps you get through the rest of your day, but a constant, endless slew of snark and negativity… no thanks!